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  • What is Crystals of Fate?
    Crystals of Fate is a multi-platform esports driven collectible card game, featuring real-time simultaneous interactive gameplay! In CoF you can: - Create and build decks with your favorite heroes from each class, each with their own unique playstyle and strategic advantage. - Face off in simulatenous nail biting game combat, full of opportunities to outplay your opponents. - Earn cards for free as you play through the many different game modes, or disenchant and build the cards that are eluding your grasp, you are in control over your collection.
  • What makes Crystals of Fate unique?
    Crystals of Fate is a real-time strategic card battler with tactical battleground areas and fast paced simultaneous gameplay. If you've played games like Magic: The Gathering, Hearthstone, Shadowverse or any of the current digital collectible card games online they all have one thing in common - they are turn based battle systems. Crystals of Fate is the first ever digital card game that brings this unique combat system to the marketplace.
  • How long does one game of CoF usually take?
    Each game should roughly take 2-5 minutes tops! Quick, fast-paced, competitive action that is highly replayable and fun!
  • What other features will the game have?
    * Campaign * Arena * Unranked / Ranked Gameplay * 2v2 Team Game Play * Challenges * Practice Mode * Guilds
  • What platforms is CoF available for? Is it cross-platform?
    Currently CoF is available for Android & IOS and will be available for (PC) in the near future. Yes it will be cross-platform.
  • Do I have to pay to get started in the game or to unlock certain things?
    Crystals of Fate is free to play. There are two in-game currencies: Soul Dust & Gold Coins you can earn both through playing the game and coins you may purchase at any time in our shop area.
  • How are you handling cheating, to keep the integrity of the game intact?"
    Everything about CoF has been designed from the onset to ensure that measures have been taken into account to prevent any issues.
  • Ugh, This isn't pay-to-win is it?"
    No, we agree with you that pay to win sucks. Crystals of Fate was designed with the free to play player in mind from the early onset! There is nothing in the game that anyone can pay for to win.
  • What kind of stuff can I purchase?
    We are big believers in that players like yourself want to be able to differentiate yourself from others! We offer offer the following: - New Heroes - Limited Edition Hero Skins - Limited Edition Card Backings - Pre-Set Decks - Interactable Emoji Stickers - Customizable Voice Actions In-Game More to be announced.
  • Is CoF a blockchain game as well?
    Yes, Crystals of Fate is a play to earn model with players being able to play in the game and earn rewards without a paywall. In traditional games such as Magic The Gathering, Hearthstone, Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and many others, players are licensing the digital assets without ever owning them. Through the use of blockchain technology, we want to empower players to truly own their digital assets and purchase, sell, and trade freely. Blockchain technology introduced the concept of true digital scarcity and transparency. For the first time, digital assets are unable to be copied or printed at will, and every transaction that takes placed is published on a public, immutable ledger that cannot be falsified and that anyone can independently verify.
  • When will CoF be available to play?
    The good news is Crystals of Fate is available to play right now on PC! Android & iOS will be soon! We are aiming for a global release in Q2 2023.
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